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See how Sintel implemented the Digital Transformation journey in planning and demand management for Gates

Every month, millions of hoses, belts, and tensioners leave Gates’ industrial complex in the interior of São Paulo to supply the automotive industry. The company, of North American origin, is part of a select group of century-old brands and has been operating in Brazil since 1968, evolving and keeping up with industry transformations over the course of its activity.

One of the challenges for production planning was the manual analysis of 2,500 daily items, which resulted in a two-day delay in sending information to MRP. Sintel implemented process automation, innovative innovations for demand management, integrated with the business rules of the assemblers, all on the cloud platform. This interference reduced the weekly analysis time from 46 to 5 hours, interrupted manual processes by 85%. Agility ensures daily MRP updates and more accurate scheduling. IT operations were cut in half, freeing up resources to meet other demands.

Maxion: The routes that led Maxion to standardize its processes, enhancing analytical capabilities and decision-making power.

Present in 14 countries, Maxion is a global leader in wheel production and one of the key automotive components manufacturers, maintaining a long-standing partnership with Sintel .